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Whose Number this isWhen you check your missed called at the end of the day, have you ever encountered a few numbers you fail to recognize? Do you wonder whose number this is? Well, if you happen to see that number once or twice it may not bother you much. But what if that same number keeps popping up five or even ten times a day? If you are a person who uses his cell phone constantly and you have to answer it every time it rings, this may mean being solicited by telemarketers who simply don’t care how many times you say no.

But how do you find out whose number this is and if they are a telemarketer? After all, many times these people do not leave messages and you can not call them directly. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to discover whose number this is, is to sign up for an online tracing service.

What is a tracing service? Well, as you might expect, a tracing service will let you know the name and address of the person who has been calling you. That’s right, all you have to do is type in their number and area code into the search box and you will discover whose number this is in no time at all.

If the number belongs to someone you know, who for whatever reason has neglected to leave you a message, you can simply contact them directly. If, however, the number belongs to a telemarketing service, and the tracing site will often not only tell you whose number this is, but also the name of the business. Then you can wait until they contact you again and take action.

When they do call you, simply tell them that you have recorded whose number this is and that you want them to put you on their “do not call list.” And if for some reason they do call again, you can report them to the national do not call registry and they will be fined for their transgression.

The great thing about online tracing sites is that with a single membership fee, you can find out whose number this is anytime you want. That’s right. All you have to do is pay a small one-time fee and you can discover whose number this is anytime you don’t recognize a missed call on your home or cell phone.

The service is also helpful if you are receiving prank or hang-up phone calls. Sure, caller ID may tell you the actual number, but that doesn’t mean the caller will pick up. With a tracing service, you will not only be able to discover whose number this is, i.e. the name of the person who’s been calling you, but you will also learn their address.

So, when you call the police, you can not only let them know whose number this is, but also their address and whether they are calling you from a home phone or a cell phone. This will make it a whole lot easier for them to determine which member of the house has been calling you.

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