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Mysterious Phone CallHave you ever received a mysterious phone call? Of course, we all have. But what if you keep seeing the same numbers everyday and no one is leaving messages?

What was at first just a nuisance may become something more. For example, if you use your phone for business and a mysterious phone call keeps interrupting you and taking time out of your busy day, it may be a situation you desperately want to get to the bottom of.

But what can you do about a mysterious phone call? Well, until recently, not much. Really, only the police had the right to check and trace a mysterious phone call. But with the growth of the internet and the easing of restrictions on certain online information, now anyone can check an unknown number.

Finding a Mysterious Phone Call for Free: first, try simply typing a mysterious phone call into your favourite search engine. You may be surprised at what you find. Often, companies that do a lot of business online will list phone numbers on their websites. Then you can simply call the company directly and ask them to put you on their do not call list. And if for some reason they continue to call, all you have to do is telephone the national do not call registry and the company will be fined each and every time they contact you.

Searching the internet for a mysterious phone call may even work with unlisted numbers, because oftentimes people forget to conceal their identity online. If your search yields no results, you may want to try removing the area code and including the state were the code of the mysterious phone call originated. For example, if the number has an area code from New Jersey, you would write ‘New Jersey” and then the number and then search.

If you come up empty, you might also try searching an online cell phone directory. Many quality directories can by found online and they won’t charge you anything for searching a mysterious phone call. However, the information on many of these directories is often pretty limited. They may only provide you with the number’s carrier or the city of the billing address. But still, it’s a good place to start.
Finding a Mysterious Phone Call for a Small Fee

If all else fails, you might have to visit a reverse lookup site to discover who’s calling you. These companies often charge a small one-time fee to search a number or a slightly larger fee for lifetime membership. The great thing about these sites is the wealth of information they provide about a mysterious phone call. Not only will you receive the name of the person who’s been calling you, you will also learn his current address and possibly even his business address. Then all you have to do is call the person back and tell them you have all of their information and that you will report them if they don’t stop calling. Nine times out of ten they’ll get the message and the phone calls will stop.

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