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How to know who calledEveryday millions of phone calls are received by millions of people who all scratch their heads’ and wonder who’s calling them. We are talking, of course, about unknown and often unwanted phone calls. For some people these phone calls are nothing more than a nuisance that can be easily ignored. But for others who rely on their phones to do business, it actually has an affect on the way they go about their day. For instance, if they see an unknown number, they might decide not to answer it and miss an important call. That is why it is important for them to find out how to know who called.

No, we’re not talking about Mission Impossible here or anything that requires a background in technology. We are simply discussing how just about anyone can discover how to know who called. All they have to do is log on to the internet.
Yes, the internet has provided us all with a wealth of information and it can also be used to find out how to know who called. The only thing you need to know is where to start. Since it is always best to be thrifty, especially on the internet, we will begin with the free options and services.

How to know who called for free: believe it or not there are still a few services on the internet that you don’t have to pay for. And fortunately for you, finding out how to know who called you is one of them. It is also a cinch, even for people who don’t spend much time online. All you have to do is visit a popular search engine, like Google, type in the unknown phone number and press search.

Now, you might ask yourself: how do I learn how to know who called by performing a simply web search? Well, it all has to do with business on the internet. After all, most businesses, even the small ones have at least a listing, perhaps even a website on the internet. And on these websites they often have contact numbers for their sales and customer service reps. If the number belongs to one of these employees, all you have to do is call the company directly and ask that they put you on their do not call list. As you might expect, a do not call list means that employees are, thenceforth, prohibited for calling your number.

Another easy way to find out how to know who called is to look on a cell phone directory. A cell phone directory includes a list of millions of cell phone owners and anyone can use it to search a number for free. However, the main drawback of searching directories is that they do not provide users with much information. For example, the average successful search of a phone number on a directory will often only yield a city of origin for the number as well as the phone carrier. Directories will not provide you with the name and address of the person who’s been calling you.

How to Know who Called for a Nominal Fee of around $4 to $14: probably the easiest way how to know who called is to simply visit a reverse lookup site. These sites will ask you to pay a small one-time fee to search the unknown number. However, for this small fee you will receive a wealth of information. They will not only let you know who called you, but also his home address. This is arguably the most effective way how to know who called and it should put a stop to these calls once and for all.

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